Consider Your Needs, The Space, and What Kind Of Bedroom You Want

Master Bedroom Addition

If you’re planning a master bedroom addition, then you’ll need to factor in space for a bathroom as well. A large bedroom with plenty of closet space and a private bathroom is the ideal setup. Your bedroom addition will be customized to meet your specific needs, so this is the part where you get to dream. It might be that walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom we mentioned earlier, or it could be French doors, high ceilings, a fireplace, or room for a luxurious king bed.

Child’s Bedroom Addition

If you’re looking for more space for your children, then a bedroom addition is a great option. We can help you create a larger bedroom with extra space for play, studying, and storage. 

Guest Bedroom Addition

A guest bedroom is a great way to accommodate friends and family. If you have the space, then you can add a private bathroom to make your guests feel more at home. 

Home Office Addition

A bedroom addition can also be a great way to create a home office. You’ll have plenty of space for a desk, chair, and all of your office equipment.

Properly Planning Your Bedroom Addition

Now that you know what you need, it’s time to start planning your bedroom addition. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Consider The Layout

How do you want the new bedroom to flow with the rest of your home? There are many ways to lay out a new bedroom, so it’s important to think about what will work best for you and your home.

Get Creative with The Space

A bedroom addition doesn’t have to be a traditional, rectangular room. Get creative with the layout and design to make the most of the space.

Choose Your Materials Carefully

When selecting materials for your bedroom addition, it’s important to choose products that will stand the test of time. Consider both the aesthetic and functional aspects of each material to make sure it’s the right choice for your home.

Hire a Professional

Adding a new bedroom to your home is a big project. Hire a professional contractor to help you with the planning, design, and construction of your new space. FERRUZZO has the experience and expertise to help you create the perfect bedroom addition for your home.

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